Friday, May 22, 2009

Yet another Bible Bill Blog

OK since the Bible Bill is according to Yahoo, the most blogged about bill...I guess I can get in on this as well. This is an exerpt from an article that I read on Yahoo just this morning on this subject.

Broun’s simple congressional resolution aimed at honoring the Good Book has produced a push-back of biblical proportion in the blogosphere, with critics dismissing it as either unconstitutional or a waste of time. Jews in Congress and atheist activists are dismissing the resolution, while none of the many Democrats in Congress who are Christian have bothered to sign on as co-sponsors.

According to, the resolution is among the most-blogged-about pieces of legislation, with most posts less than complimentary in nature.

“Does that mean 2009 is not the year of the Bible?” mocked Rep. Barney Frank ­(D-Mass.), who is Jewish. “What is 2012 the year of? The Quran?” ...

...“Right now, we’re seeing atheism on such a rise,” said David Silverman, vice president and national spokesman of American Atheists, a group dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of atheists.

“We are seeing Christianity on such a dramatic decline that we’re not particularly worried about it. We’re thinking that this kind of old-style George W. Bush Republicanism is about to go away,” Silverman said, referring to the latest Pew Forum survey of American religious life, which showed nonreligious Americans as the fastest-growing group.

OK, let me just insert here for just a moment. This is my opinion of that statement by Silverman. HA HA HA HA....hahahahahaha! Getting a good belly laugh out of that one! First of all to be an "atheist" is to believe nothing. And if you believe nothing you do nothing. You don't get up. You don't sit down. You don't go to the left or to the right. You quite frankly will never move forward and most certainly cannot be on "the rise". Atheism has made complacency a religion. Continuing now....

And it may be the best-selling book of all time, as Broun’s resolution points out, but the Bible isn’t such a popular legislative topic.

A search of Thomas, the online congressional database, for “Bible” yields just one other bill: a resolution to have the “Lincoln-Obama Bible” on permanent display in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Listen, I don't think that anyone's bible should be on display. It's more important for it to be opened and in their lap at this point! Until you have lived it, it has no place as a memorial. And I say this with the most respect possible. I pray that someday, President Obama's well used bible finds it's place alongside of Lincoln's. But don't lay your hands on a bible that another man lived and gave his life for an think that it qualifies you, without looking into it yourself.

I quote our President Obama from yesterday's Yahoo article concerning Guantanamo, "But if we continue to make decisions within a climate of fear, we will make more mistakes."

I have news...the only counterpart to fear is true faith and love for God and His Word and mistakes will be made in any other climate, irregardless. Galatians 5:6 says, "faith works by love." And faith and love can only be found in Christ Jesus. (1 Timothy 1:14)

1 John 4:18 says, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:" The only perfect love is the love of Father God. God so loved us...and so did many of our founding fathers who laid the foundations of this great nation. Love was their motive and their faith yeilded results!


REG said...

I hadn't heard about any of this, but then what can I really expect of the secular media.

Melissa Flores said...

Lincoln Obama Bible??? BARF. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's a sleeper. Just more proof that the foolish says in his heart there is no God.